How to automatically generate listings for users on signup

Learn how to make it so certain listings automatically show up on every user profile without having to have them manually create them.

Paris Mielke

April 3, 2022

April 3, 2022
2 min

At A Glance

  1. Create a listing type you want templated
  2. Turn the listing type into a templated listing
  3. Define the default values for the templated listing (e.g. title, desc, price)
  4. Save!

Create a Listing Type to Template

First you will want to create a listing template for the user role who you want to be able to create listings of that type in "Settings" > "Roles" > "Manage" the role who can create these listings > "Listing Types" > "+ New".

Note: If you already have a listing type created that you want to automatically show up on all the profiles for a certain user role you can skip this step

Turn the Listing Type into a Templated Listing

Once you have a listing type created that you want to show up automatically on a user role's profile when they sign up, it's time to turn that listing type into a "templated listing". To do so, navigate to "Settings" > "Listing Templates" > "+ New".

Define the Default Values for the Templated Listing

On the new listing template page it will prompt you to provide details like the title, description, and default price that will show up on these automatically generated listings. Fill out these fields and hit "Save". You can set a default duration in "advanced settings".

An example of the new listing template page
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