How to build a Beauty Event Platform

Lucy Allen

November 24, 2023

November 24, 2023

In the modern digital era, creating a stunning, user-friendly online platform has become an essential aspect for any business. This is especially true in the beauty industry, where establishments strive to host engaging events for their patrons. The aim of this essay, "How to Build a Beauty Event Platform," is to guide you through the process of building an attractive and efficient beauty event platform. From selecting the precise technology to incorporating captivating design elements, each aspect will be discussed thoroughly. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur in the beauty industry or a tech enthusiast interested in creating online platforms, this essay will provide valuable insights and guidance. Remember, a well-structured beauty event platform can significantly impact your brand recognition and customer engagement, ultimately driving your business towards success.

The beauty industry continues to grow at an impressive rate, with projections that it could reach a staggering $463.5 billion by 2027, according to Allied Market Research. Notably, this growth is spurred by the rising number of beauty events globally, which serve as crucial platforms for brands and product launches. Statista data points out that 63% of beauty shoppers appreciate these events where they can learn about and purchase products. The opportunity to build a beauty event platform is a good idea. Not only does it tap into an industry poised for consistent growth, but it also caters to the preferences of an increasingly engaged consumer base. Leveraging this momentum, creating a platform that brings brands, products, and consumers together in a dynamic and responsive environment becomes a significant step in the right direction.

In the beauty sector, establishing an event platform calls for distinct considerations. Primarily, one needs to acknowledge that the beauty industry is highly diverse with differentiated products in makeup, skincare, haircare, and body & personal care. Hence, partnering with a wide range of product and service providers becomes crucial to create compelling events. Each collaborator's unique offerings add richness to the platform, attracting a more extensive audience base. Furthermore, it would be best if you thought about the payment landscape as well. In an increasingly digital world, it's essential to incorporate diverse, secure, and easy-to-use payment methods enhancing user experience and trust levels. Considering options from credit and debit card payments to digital wallets and even buy-now-pay-later schemes will accommodate a wider consumer preference.

Remember, the beauty industry is a highly personal space. Ensure your event platform supports interactions with beauty experts, influencers, and organizations for personalized advice and discussions. The more interactive your platform is, the higher the audience engagement will be.

Lastly, keep up with the latest beauty trends and integrate them into your events. The beauty industry is influenced heavily by current trends and innovations; reflecting them in your platform will keep your audience engaged and excited for upcoming events. Hence, staying tuned with market leaders, influencers, and beauty bloggers can give you insights into the industry's pulse.

In conclusion, when building a beauty event platform, keeping up with market specifics is essential—with the knowledge of diverse beauty products, payment methods, personalized interactions, and industry trends, you're several steps closer to a successful platform.

Establishing a beauty event platform goes beyond just finding an appealing design or promising talent. It's an intricate balance of understanding the technical functionalities needed for seamless user experience. Perhaps one of the most vital technical considerations is payment processing. When it comes to money exchange, speed, security, and reliability are key factors that cannot be compromised. Therefore, when building your platform, you must contemplate the integration of a robust payment system that caters to a variety of payment options—credit and debit cards, internet banking, digital wallets, etc. Moreover, ensure that the payment gateway is secured with data encryption to protect sensitive information. Ease of use is another essential factor on the technical side. You must strive for a platform that, while technologically sophisticated, is still user-friendly, so even a first-time visitor can navigate easily and make a purchase with minimal friction. Moreover, the site must be responsive, ensuring it provides an exceptional user experience, regardless of the device used.

Another noticeable but often underestimated aspect relates to site loading times. In an era of instant gratification, even a delay of a few seconds can lead to a prospective customer exiting your platform. Hence, optimizing site speed should be given equal attention during the development phase. Keep in mind that while these considerations can guide you, each beauty event platform will have unique needs. Always aim for a solution that fits your specific business model while delivering an excellent user experience.

In closing, let's examine your options. On average, building a Beauty Event Platform from scratch typically requires an upfront investment of $35,000 and a timeframe of 8 months, according to our internal data. Opting to construct this platform independently has its merits; however, it's essential to consider the alternative solution, Tangram. Using Tangram presents an alternative pathway that is significantly more efficient. In fact, our internal examinations highlight a 100x decrease in cost and expeditiously slashes development time. The vibrant community of Tangram users range from industry novices to experts, providing a golden opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange in your journey of building a platform tailored to your needs. If you're interested in giving it a try, click the link below to try Tangram for free.

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