πŸš€ How to build a marketplace with Webflow and Tangram πŸš€

Build a marketplace with Webflow. Learn how to create a Webflow multi vendor marketplace using a Webflow marketplace template.

Paris Mielke

April 10, 2022

April 10, 2022
5 min

What is a multi vendor marketplace?

A multi vendor marketplace is an online platform where customers can purchase goods or services from multiple different vendors. This is unlike a traditional ecommerce store where a single brand or vendor sells its own products (e.g. Allbirds).

Below are some examples of multi vendor marketplaces:

  • Etsy (multi vendor product marketplace)
  • Amazon (multi vendor product marketplace)
  • Airbnb (multi vendor rental marketplace)
  • Upwork (multi vendor service marketplace)


Is Webflow a good tool for building a marketplace?

Yes, Webflow is a great tool for building a marketplace. However, using it as the only no code tool to run an online marketplace comes with a LOT of constraints. For complex user-to-user interactions and marketplace-specific functionality you’ll likely need to use it alongside other no code tools.

Which Webflow marketplace no code tech stack is right for me?

You can learn more about the constraints of using Webflow without integrating other no code tools like Tangram in this comparison of Connor Finlayson’s Webflow Marketplace Solution (Webflow x Airtable x Zapier x Memberstack x Jetboost) vs (Tangram x Webflow) here.

If your marketplace has a low frequency of transactions or does not require much self-service tooling for its users to meaningfully engage in the platform, building a managed marketplace in Webflow without any additional integrations may be sufficient. A managed marketplace often means the marketplace admins or employees are manually managing tasks like listing creation, user matching, payments, and/or communications between users. However, if you need users to be able to login and manage their accounts, chat with other users, and/or automatically get paid out β€” we’d highly recommend using Webflow with Tangram.


How do I build a Webflow multi vendor marketplace in Tangram?

‍At A Glance (Launch in 1-7 days):

Step 1: Create a custom mockup/design (e.g. a Figma file) for your app or let the Tangram team provide a free template for your MVP

Step 2: Schedule an intro call to go over your needs here‍

Step 3: Receive your MVP in <24 hrs if you do not require a custom design for the MVP

Step 4: Test the MVP and iterate on it with a dedicated Tangram Expert for free over the 7-day trial period via Slack

Step 5: Decide if you want to continue with a paid Tangram plan and Launch! πŸš€

Note: You can continue to make edits to your app after the trial period with or without a Tangram Expert (however time with Tangram Experts needs to be purchased after the 7-day trial period)

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