How to create a blog on Webflow

Want a Webflow blog? Looking for a Webflow blog template? Learn how to create a blog in Webflow.

Paris Mielke

March 24, 2022

March 24, 2022
3 min

Is Webflow good for blogs?

Yes! Webflow is a great tool for starting a blog. It is a top-tier no-code tool when it comes to design and SEO-friendliness. 

Although Webflow has a slight learning curve, the amount of high-quality tutorial content provided by Webflow and Webflow experts makes it accessible to anyone. If you’d rather hire an expert to help you set things up, there is a large community and network of Webflow experts to tap into as well.

The increased design flexibility that Webflow offers over alternatives like Wix makes it our preferred choice. Webflow also has many free website templates to help you get started.

How to add a blog using a Webflow blog template

If you don’t already have a Webflow website and you want it to include a blog, the fastest and easiest way to set one up is to choose a template that already has a blog included. If you already have a Webflow site and want to add a blog to it you have two options:

Option 1) Create a blog from scratch

If you want to design a Webflow blog without the help of a template check out this tutorial video.

Option 2) Copy a blog page from another template into your project

The easiest way to copy and paste a blog design from one Webflow project to another is by using a blog template that doesn't already have a CMS connected to it. What does this mean? If you are trying to copy a blog from another Webflow site into your own it won't let you paste it if there is a CMS collection connected to it (e.g. blog posts). Here is an example of a copy/paste-able Webflow blog template without a CMS collection connected for easy clone-ability.

Copy the sections you want using CTRL(CMD)-C and paste them using CTRL(CMD)-V

Here is a video tutorial on how to copy/paste between projects produced by Webflow: https://university.webflow.com/lesson/copy-and-paste-between-projects

How to create new blog posts

Once you have your blog set up you can begin adding more blog posts within the Webflow CMS. Simply click on the CMS collection and hit the blue “+ new ” button in the top right.

Once you fill in the necessary fields click “save” in the top right to stage it for publishing. 

If you want to publish the blogs to the live site you will need to publish your Webflow project.

How to let other team members publish blog posts

If you want to allow other people to publish blogs to your site by adding them as collaborators (they will first need to sign up for a free webflow account). This will give them the ability to edit copy on the site, button text, images, and create/publish blog posts.

As collaborators they will be able to use the “Editor View” in Webflow located at https://yourwebflowsite.com/?edit (e.g. https://tangram.co/?edit). The collaborators will need to login using their webflow account that you have added as a collaborator to the project. The login window will popup at the bottom of the editor link.

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