How to transfer ownership of Webflow website to someone else

Learn how to transfer ownership of Webflow website to someone else

Paris Mielke

March 24, 2022

March 24, 2022
3 min

How to transfer ownership of Webflow website to someone else

Transferring ownership of an unhosted webflow website

In order to transfer ownership of a webflow website to someone else you should perform the following steps to avoid the most downtime or risk of losing your work.

1) Duplicate the project you want to transfer

In your project settings, click the duplicate site icon in the top bar. You will receive an email when the site is completely transferred.

However, it’s important to note that form notification information, form submissions, versions, collaborators, billing, and Google Analytics code will be reset to their default settings in the duplicated copy. All other assets, styles, settings, and custom code will be copied properly. 

2) Make sure the project is unhosted (aka you don’t have an active site plan). 

If you already have an active site plan you will need to unsubscribe to it for that project before it can be transferred to another Webflow account.

3) Transfer the project

Go the the project settings for the duplicated project and click the transfer project icon at the top of the page.

4) Add a site plan to the transferred project

In the “Hosting” tab in the project settings of the transferred project purchase a site plan if you want to connect the site to a custom URL/domain name (e.g. yourcompany.com).

5) Connect it to a custom domain

Follow the instructions in the “Hosting” tab in your Webflow project settings to connect your custom domain. Feel free to reach out to support@tangram.co if you need any assistance with this step.

Transferring site plan from one website to another in webflow

Currently you can't transfer a Webflow project with an active hosting subscription or “site plan” directly to another Webflow account or user. The owner of the project will first need to cancel their “site plan” subscription before transfering the project or a copy of it to another party.

This can be frustrating for the project owner if they have already purchased an annual site plan subscription that cannot be transferred automatically. If you are in this situation it is recommended to contact Webflow support (support@webflow.com) to make sure your annual subscription is applied to the account it was transferred to.

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