Pairi ( Is Now Tangram ( 🎉

We've changed our name, but not our mission. Pairi app is now tangram company!

Paris Mielke

November 16, 2021

August 25, 2020
2 min read

When you heard "Pair-ee" it wasn't initially clear how a person would spell or lookup our name or website. Is it Pairy? Peari? Peary? Pearie?? You get the point... We needed something that was easily spell-able and transferable via word-of-mouth. We also wanted a name that invoked feelings of flexibility, yet fun and simplicity. Hence, Tangram.

A tangram is a puzzle made of seven moveable shapes called tans cut from a square. You solve the puzzle by arranging the pieces to match a design. You could arrange the pieces into a simple large square, rectangle, or triangle, or tackle more complex shapes like animals, plants, or a heart.

Building an online marketplace using our no-code tool is a lot like designing a tangram. We provide our customers with several commonly used components to sell online — "the shapes" (e.g. payments, scheduling, communication, analytics/reporting etc.) that can be uniquely pieced together to bring to life thousands of different ideas — "the designs".

Creating a personalized online space for people to connect for events, classes, services, jobs, and e-commerce should be simple & fun. Tangram is a name that is more aligned with our mission to make it easy for anyone to bring their business online in the way they choose.

Thank you to all our investors, customers, friends, & supporters who have helped connect tens of thousands of people and businesses online. Here's to many more!

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