User roles/navigation tutorial (V2+)

Learn what permissions you can change for user roles and what they are on your Tangram platform.

Paris Mielke

March 31, 2023

March 31, 2023
~ 10 min

The topics covered in this video are all the tabs in the "roles" tab (located under the wrench icon in the bottom left of the admin account).

1) (0:00) Navigation (what links each user role can access in their navigation menus)
2) (2:05) Subscriptions
3) Permissions (rules that apply to all users with this role)

(5:15) User Profile Redirect Links
(5:20) User Approval
(6:55) Anonymize Users
(7:15) Remove role from sign up /registration page
(7:40) Enable Stripe connect for users can connect their bank account to be paid out

4) (8:00) Data Structures (custom data objects or groups of custom fields tied to this user role)

Click here to open the ServiceX example marketplace read-only link in Webflow

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