How to create/edit different user roles on your app

Learn where in your Tangram admin account to edit your different user roles (e.g. name, navigation menu, listing types, etc.)

Paris Mielke

April 3, 2022

April 3, 2022
2 min

At A Glance

  1. Go to Roles Page in your Tangram admin account
  2. Add a new role or click "Manage" on an existing one

Go To The Admin Roles Page

Login to your admin account in Tangram and navigate to "Settings" > "Roles".

Here you will see all the different types of user accounts in your Tangram app. Each user role will have their own capabilities (e.g. what pages they have access to, what kinds of listings they can create, etc.) defined by the admin account.

A picture of the admin roles page in Tangram

How To Add A New Role

If you want to have a multi-sided marketplace with more than 2 distinct roles (e.g. customer & vendor) please contact us directly and we will help you add more user roles.

How To Edit An Existing Role

In your Tangram admin account navigate to "Settings" > "Roles" > "Manage" for the role you want to edit. From the management page for a specific user role you can edit the following:

Basic Details:

Edit the name, description, and default photo if none are uploaded for this role.

Listing Types:

Here you can define what types of listings they can create (e.g. classes, events, services, products, job posts, etc.) along with their settings.


Here you can define what pages each user role has access to in their in-app menu (the hamburger icon in the top right of their Tangram user portal/account). See how to manage the navigation menu for each user here.


Here you can define what information you want to collect from users of this role when they signup or in their account settings.

Advanced Settings:

Here you can edit role-level settings like ("Should other users be able to see the full-name of these types of users?", "What page should they be redirect to once they sign up?", etc.)

An example of a management page for the user role "Instructor" in the Tangram admin account
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